Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DentLight, Inc

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A few years ago, while wandering the booths at the American Dental Association's Annual Meeting, I came across the booth of DentLight.
This small company, owned by a gentlemen with an advanced degree in light physics (or some such complicated subject) is located in Richardson, Texas.  While a small company, the products they create are anything but small in stature when compared to products from other companies.
DentLight makes surgical telescopes, auxiliary lighting systems (like the DentLight Nano, The DOE Oral Cancer Screening Device, and the Fusion Curing Light, among other devices.
I've worked with their products over the years in a consultant capacity and I've been impressed with the products I've had a chance to test and evaluate.
At the ADA Annual Session that recently concluded in New Orleans, I was contacted by the company as they were announcing the 4th version of their Fusion Curing LIght.  Read on for all the details.

New Product Release

October 30, 2013

FUSION 4 Curing Light

DentLight Inc., an LED optics innovator in dental device design and manufacturing, is pleased to launch FUSION 4 – the most versatile and powerful curing light. Building on the achievements of its award-winning predecessors, FUSION 4 sets the pace for a new era of high performance smart curing lights.

With patented optics and modular design, it delivers a focused low-dispersion beam of 2700 mW/cm2 high power for bulk or 5-second cure and 1300 mW/cm2 pulse power for low shrinkage cure. Small, sleek and well-balanced, FUSION 4 is made of solid aircraft aluminum with drop-proof reliability and ease of disinfection.

FUSION 4 upgrades the user interface with an even more impressive, intuitive and multi- color backlit LCD. This small light amazingly displays a digital timer, battery icon, power level, thermal status and has an audible beep for time stamp. The streamlined metal keypad has two raised buttons including a large ON/OFF button for easy activation.

Coming with a tacking tip, 9mm tip and 13mm tip, FUSION 4 is the heavy-duty light that dental professionals can count on to save curing time, improve quality and cover all composite restoration applications including fillings, sealants, veneers and crowns.

FUSION 4 is not only an ultrafast 5-second curing light but also a multifunctional and versatile light easily upgradable for high-power transillumination (caries/fractures/canals), fluorescent imaging (early cancer detection), and teeth whitening for added profit streams.

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