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DDS Rescue Wins Pride "Best in Class" Two Years in a Row - Continues to Evolve

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As a diehard tech lover, I'm very enamored of DDS Rescue.  I've blogged about it in the past, and also featured it in an article in Dental Products Report.
The device has received a Pride Best in Class award to years in a row now and that should tell you, dear readers, something about the amazing power of this device.  
In the lower portion of this post (under the photo of the DDS Rescue device) you find a description of what it does from my perspective, as well as info from the company too.  Suffice it to say that DDS Rescue is really, truly something you shouldn't be without.
The Continuing Evolution
But the company doesn't rest  on its digital laurels… they have continued to innovate and because of that they have also continued to evolve.
Statistics say that a little over 50% of practices have digital x-ray.  Now that doesn't mean they are totally digital, but it does tell me they are moving in that direction.  The thing about moving "in that direction" is the increase in digital data.
Now throw CBCT into the mix.  When an office is creating 3D data on a daily basis, where does all of that information go?
Let me tell you a story.  One of the great things about DDS Rescue is the fact that they constantly monitor the backup device in my office and make sure that it is functioning properly and doing exactly what he needs to do to keep me safe in case of the worst-case disaster scenario. Last June, the company contacted me to tell me that my backup device was rapidly filling up with data. Neither they nor I were quite sure of why this was, but we both began looking for the source.
It turns out, that my cone beam DICOM data was the culprit. My 2 Gendex devices create files that are usually between 20 MB and 50 MB in size. As you can imagine, taking multiple scans a day could quickly create large amounts of data that needs to be backed up.
We solve the problem by creating a separate partition on my RAID enabled server where  the new and separate  partition held the cone beam data and the original partition held my practice management data.
The good folks at DDS Rescue soon discovered that many offices are either buying and using cone beam devices or sending their patients to have scans done to have scans done elsewhere, and then storing the 3-D files on the office server. Either way, there is lots of 3-D data that is being stored in needs to be backed up. To that end, DDS Rescue is soft launching at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and automated backup device that will back up 3-D and 2-D digital radiography in the same way that the original DDS Rescue device backs up the office database.
This means that all 3-D data and 2-D data can be backed up automatically, stored locally, and stored in the cloud. This concept is a total game changer. It automates every aspect of practice management and digital image storage and creates both local and cloud storage for ALL digital office data.
Make sure to find DDS Rescue at the Greater New York Dental Meeting and have them give you all of the details. As someone who utilizes 3-D imaging on a daily basis, to say I'm intrigued is a tremendous understatement.
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 Now here is information and a rundown of what DDS Rescue can do for any office looking to make sure that they are backing up their digital data the right way.
In a brief summary, DDS Rescue is a computer system that is in your office.  It connects to your office network and through no intervention from you or your staff, provides both onsite & cloud backups.
For those of you who have either read articles I've written about backups or heard me speak about the subject, you've heard me mention the term "backup chain".  By that I mean you want as many "links" or backups as are feasibly possible for you.  Because of that philosophy, I look upon DDS Rescue as a good solid "link".  I'm not promoting it as the only one you need, but it definitely serves a purpose and should be considered by any office that wants to ensure the survivability of their data.
Here are some things the company themselves have to say about their product.

What Is DDS Rescue?

Onsite System

A Failover Server at Your Office

DDS RescueTM includes an onsite unit—a failover server—for common network failures, which can get your office back up and running in 10 minutes.Think of it as a high-tech spare tire for your practice.

Online System

Your Programs & Data—Stored Securely in the Cloud

In addition to backups on your onsite failover server, the system routinely copies these files to the cloud.Your programs and data are backed up online and stored in multiple, encrypted facilities. If your office is destroyed, your complete server can be accessed via the web so you can view files and manage your business remotely.

U.S.-Based Monitoring 24 Hours a Day

Every Backup Is Verified

Onsite and offsite systems are monitored and tested to make sure all backed-up data is current, should you need a fast restore.

Easy Installation

And Help If You Need It

You do not need a network professional onsite to install DDS Rescue. Simply plug the DDS Rescue unit into your network and our agents will handle the rest remotely. 




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