Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tru-Align Rectangular Collimator

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First of all Happy Halloween!
Along the lines of this fun holiday, what could be scarier than something you cannot see that has the potential to sneak up on you and do you harm?
Intrigued?  Good!  What I'm talking about in this post, is radiation & a new way to harness it for good while decreasing its ability to do harm.
X-rays are a phenomenal thing.  They allow us to see parts of the human body clearly that we would not be able to see otherwise.  They save lives, they decrease pain, they improve quality of life.  They are a lot like fire.  Used properly and judiciously, they are a great benefit to anyone who comes in contact with them.  Used in a cavalier manner and danger or health risks can result.
Dentistry has come a long way in radiation safety.  Digital systems can cut exposures up to 90% and our ability to perform enhancements on the digital images once stored in software mens more data is discerned with fewer exposures needed.
Now comes a device called Tru-Align.  The system attaches to the x-ray head in the dental office and changes the system from a round head to a rectangular one.  The concept of rectangular collimation alone has been proven to greatly decrease scatter & exposure to patients, but now the Tru-Align system also functions as an alignment device to help make sure the proper image is taken the FIRST time, thus decreasing retakes.  It will work with both Rinn and Flow adapters to make sure the images are spot-on.
We've been using the Tru-Align in the practice for several months now and have had great success with it.  Patients greatly appreciate our efforts to ensure their safety and minimal exposure and I'm thrilled with the images.
After our testing, we give this device our highest recommendation.

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