Monday, October 28, 2013

The World is Going Photo - Twitter & Instagram Big on Youth Who are Losing Interest in Facebook

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Interesting news comes our way from data gleaned by Piper Jaffray recently.
It seems <gasp> that Facebook is losing interest with teens & that they prefer Twitter.
The semi-annual Piper Jaffray "Taking Stock With Teens" report that was conducted recently discovered that 26% of those surveyed called Twitter the "most important" social networking site.  The survey determined that Facebook was at 23%, which seems pretty close, until you realize that 12 months ago Facebook was 42% and 6 months ago it was 33%.  That appears to be falling like a rock in my book.  Remember also, that today's teens are the young adult demographic of tomorrow and it would appear that a fickle public is not as enamored of Facebook as it used to be...
However, there is another thing to consider that is *good* for Facebook.  Seems that Facebook owned Instagram scored 23% which is up from 12% a year ago.  Experts are predicting that in another year or so, Instagram will pass both other services and be the most popular.
With everyone taking and sharing photos on an almost never ending basis, it sure makes sense to me.  I've personally never seen the huge infatuation with Facebook, but it is the go to site for many adults that I know.  It just looks like it won't be staying that way.  Then again, what child ever wants exactly what their parents have & use?

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