Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Solving a Server Emergency

Most of us are busy enough. I mean I've got my personal life, my office management, my patients (and their treatment), my lecturing, my work with Dental Products Report, and this blog. That's a lot to do. So where do I find the extra time to do all the IT work at my office? In short, I don't. I made it a point to find people that can handle that for me, and let them do just that.

I've turned over the entire computer and IT responsibilities to Goetze Dental. I've been in my new office almost 6 years now and they have been with me since before that. They've helped me design my existing network and then built it for me. They maintain my computers and deal with any networking issues I might have.

Then I also rely on DDS Rescue from Liptak Dental to provide a remote backup system that not only does a back up that I can access onsite if my server goes down, but they also send all of that backup info into The Cloud to provide a complete, bootable, and accessible offsite backup in case of a worst case disaster.

They also, through their backup system, monitor the health of my server. Here's a story that happened this week that shows why I am so passionate about finding good support people and why Goetze and Liptak are folks I trust.

One of the things that Liptak does with their backup system is to monitor the health of my server. Over the weekend I began to get error messages from my DDS Rescue box in my office (the device sends me an email every 24 hours with info on how my server is and if the backups were successful). I was out of town lecturing and knew I wouldn't be able to check things until Monday, but at least I was aware of potential problems on the horizon.

On Monday I checked the server, rebooted it, and decided to wait until that night to see what my DDS Rescue email had to say. Last night I got a more serious error warning. This was followed by an email from a support person at the company advising me to contact my IT people as well as giving me a differential diagnosis of potential problems.

This morning my support team at Goetze Dental came in through the Internet to check out the server and do a thorough run down of the system and to look for and correct any potential problems. In addition to doing that, they were also in contact with the DDS Rescue team at Liptak Dental working together to rectify the issues.

The result? Zero downtime and zero inconvenience to the practice or to our patients. The 2 groups worked together to get everything fixed and it went just like proverbial clockwork.

A big thanks to Liptak and to Goetze, especially to Ben at Goetze who spent a lot of his time today to make sure my practice continues running smoothly! It pays to put together a cohesive team!

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