Tuesday, October 1, 2013

JADA Live in Houston was a Blast!

JADA Live Houston.jpg
Last Friday, September 27th, I was in Houston, Tx as part of the JADA Live event.
I've been involved with lots of programs in my career, but the idea of working with the ADA on this event really appealed to me.  I mean, what better way to bring quality information than to do so with the American Dental Association? 
The concept is a really good one with the idea being "Bringing the Journal of the American Dental Association to You!".  These events are created around a central topic and then speakers present different pieces of the topic to create a complete picture for the attendee.
The program I'm part of is "Dentistry in the Digital Age: Unlock Your Practice Potential".  It featured a focus on 2D digital imaging, CAD/CAM & digital impressions, and 3D cone beam imaging.  We had a full house and it was a great experience for both the attendees and those of us fortunate enough to be asked to present.  It was a full day of learning and there were as many people there when the event ended at 5:00 pm as there were when it kicked off at 9:00 am.
There was a cocktail reception afterwards and the feedback from attendees was both positive and flattering.  Not only did the attendees get lots of good information, but there was also an exhibit area that featured manufacturers with products directly related to topics discussed.
If this is something that interests you, I really think you should consider the event this Friday, October 4th, in Nashville, TN.  It will be held at the Omni Nashville Hotel and promises to be equally as fun and informative.  This week we'll be changing things up just a bit with the 3D Cone Beam portion focusing on the treatment of sleep apnea & craniofacial pain.  

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