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We in health care and dentistry in general have done a good job of protecting patient privacy.  Since the implementation of HIPPA legislation we've payed close attention to keeping our patient data safe and secure.  Recently (September 23, 2013) the United States Department of Health and Human Services put into effect some modifications to the HIPPA rules.
To that end I've moved my electronic communications regarding patient data to the Aspida Enterprise system.  I've been beta testing the service for a few months now and have been extremely impressed.  The system automatically encrypts any email that has the word "secure" in the subject.  How easy is that?  If you are looking for a way to make your email communication secure, this is what you've been looking for.  This is highly recommended!!!

The company sent me a press release on Wednesday and it is placed here in its entirety.  Chances are you haven't heard about Aspida… yet.  So give a read and see why I'm so passionate about it!

Company’s new products help dental practices align their technology with HIPAA regulations

CHARLOTTE, N.C. Aspida, a provider of compliance security products and services exclusively for dental practices, is pleased to announce the launch of three new products Aspida Enterprise, Aspida Wall and Aspida Mail. The products meet and exceed the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and will help to strengthen the privacy and security measures at dental practices across the country.

The company’s announcement coincides well with the Department of Health and Human Services’ latest modifications to the nation’s HIPAA rules, which strive to better enhance and safeguard patient privacy and health information. The new laws went into effect September 23, 2013.

“Our new Aspida products will help dental practices achieve HIPAA compliance a requirement within the industry,” said Jimmy Georgiou, president and founder of Aspida, LLC. “When our clients invest in Aspida, they are not only purchasing a quality product, but they also are gaining peace of mind. That’s because every detail of our products was created with a dental practice’s specific technological needs in mind.”

The company’s new security package includes the following products:

Aspida Enterprise

Aspida Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for protecting and managing a dental practice’s technology and data systems. Compatible with virtually any network, this HIPAA-compliant management system boasts a managed firewall to protect user’s data, encrypted email to safeguard and preserve digital messages, remote access, cloud backup storage and much more.

Aspida Wall

Aspida’s globally managed firewall appliance provides control, accessibility and security to today’s dental practices. Capable of protecting an organization’s applications and data across both wired and wireless networks, the tool features HIPAA-compliant protection, perimeter security of the entire network, secure remote access, secure wireless access for guests or patients and more.

Aspida Mail

Dental practices must have HIPAA-compliant encrypted e-mail and Aspida Mail “delivers.” Extremely affordable and simple, Aspida Mail offers encrypted email for up to 20 accounts, boasts best-in-class protection against spam and malware, works with any Web browser, archives and stores emails for 6 years and more.

Aspida’s new HIPAA-compliant security and compliance software products are supported by Aspida’s quality support engineers, who are capable of addressing each practice’s current and future compliance needs; a Network Operation Center that provides live customer service; and a 24/7 monitoring service.

To learn more about Aspida or their products and services, visit


Launched in 2013, Aspida is quickly establishing itself as an industry leader in providing compliance security products and services exclusively for dental practices. It is recognized for its ability to provide complete solutions for every dental practice’s technological needs, thus empowering its clientele to focus on patient care. Aspida is as sister company of SolutionStart, which was founded in 2000 and began as a network technology provider with an emphasis on customer support. Within a short time, the company identified a technology shortcoming in dental practices. Today, SolutionStart strives to develop better network solutions for the dental industry and is recognized as the Southeast’s premier technology provider for the dental industry. 

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