Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Apple Event Rundown

So briefly, here's an update on what Apple announced yesterday for iPads.  Just thought I'd do this so that I could gloat at least a little...

The new full size iPad is now the iPad Air.  The company's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller said "it's so new in so many ways, it deserves a new name."  Makes sense to me.

Here are the specs:

  • 20% thinner
  • Bezel around the display is 43% thinner
  • Weight: 1 pound which is *mucho* lighter than the previous 1.4 pounds
  • 54 bit A7 processor which should let it run about 2 times faster than previous iPads - that's serious speed

It should be available on November 1 just in time, of course, for the holiday season.  Going to get in line now?

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