Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Rumor Rundown for the Apple iPad Announcements Today

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The latest hardware from Apple will be announced today.  As always there are tons of rumors out there regarding features, looks, you name it.  I've put together a few of things that I think we are likely to see.  However, I'm covering myself by stating right here this is all speculation!  :-)
It looks like there will be updates to both the full size iPad and the iPad Mini.
The full size version is rumored to have looks similar to the mini: thinner, rounded edges, maybe a smaller screen bezel.
I've also seen rumors of the cameras being improved both in the front and the back of the devices.
Processor upgrades are almost always a sure thing.  This time out the 64-bit A7 processor is a good bet as it's available & it will make the device faster.
I've also seen several reports that the new devcies will have the fingerprint sensor called TouchID.  Not positive about this one, but they *are* on the new iPhones.
There is also a rumor that the Mini might get a better retina display.
As with all things Apple, they've kept a very tight lid on all of this so who knows if any of these things will actually be available?  Usually I get a couple of these right, but you never know...

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