Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Lava Lamp Turns Half a Century Old… Paul Feuerstein Weeps...




 I saw that the ever cool Lava Lamp turned 50 this week and that really gave me start.  I mean, it can't be THAT old can it?  Huh?

I can remember there was a really cool neighborhood pizza place when I was a kid and they had a lava lamp on the counter.  I didn't care * how long* it took for the family pizza to come out, as long as I could watch the lamp.  Even then I was fascinated with nerdy stuff.

While they may have gone a bit by the wayside over the years, I still sale them when I'm out & about.

Of course now, through the power of the Internet (and the power of this blog) you can find our all you ever wanted to know… and more about these mysterious goo filled entertainment devices.

Two of the best places I've found for info on lava lamps are (in no particular order):

Now get on some tie dye, crank up the Jefferson Airplane, and get ready to groove!

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