Monday, September 9, 2013

The End of the iPod Classic

iPod Classic.jpeg
I still remember my first iPod.  It was one of the original 5GB models with a very primitive click wheel.  It was my first introduction to Apple products and packaging.  I was hooked from the get go!
I upgraded my iPod once to a black 60GB video model that I still use!  As I type this it's sitting behind me on my iPod Bose Dock and i still play it on an almost daily basis.
With its 60GB of storage, it holds more music than my 64GB iPhone could since I carry more than 4GB of apps.
However, rumors are running rampant that Apple will do away with the iPod Classic at their next event this month.  The only way I could replace it is if the iPhone goes to 128GB of storage (something that has been rumored).  However, that would still mean I would need a new phone and that's not something I'm jumping up and down to do since my iPod Classic is still working fine.
Are the rumors true?  It's hard to tell, but Apple has upgraded the iPod Classic in a couple of years so it may be time.  If so, I'll be sorry to see it go!

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