Friday, September 27, 2013

Komet Announces F360 Endo System in the US

For those of you out there who do endodontics ( I happen to do ton of endo in our group practice) The folks at Komet have introduced a new endo system.
Dubbed F360, the system is advertised to allow preparation with only TWO files.  This is due to what the company called "Double S file design.
If you would like to download a pdf that gives you all the details, you can obtain that by clicking here.
For those of you who would like some of the info, here is some from the manufacturer:
Details of F360
  • Manageable file sequence: only 2 NiTi files for most root canal anatomies
  • Each file is used in rotary mode to full working length
  • Use in rotary mode in a conventional torque-limited electric handpiece or endo motor
  • All F360 files are used with an identical torque of 1.8 Ncm. No need to change the torque when changing a file
  • Constant .04 taper files to create matching shapes for .04 Guttapercha points
  • Optimum respect of the root canal morphology
  • Excellent cleaning result and quick mechanical preparation thanks to the unique instrument design: Double-S cross section ensures remarkable cutting efficiency and increased flexibility; large chip space and a blade twist with dynamic increase to flush out all infected debris
  • Files are also available in additional sizes of 045 and 055 and come in three lengths (L21, L25, L31)
  • Matching F360 Paper- and Guttapercha points in all sizes
  • Additional files for the coronal preenlargement and the mechanical establishment of a glide path

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