Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Discovery360 Wireless Intraoral Camera

 While I was at the California Dental Association meeting in San Francisco recently I had a chance to go by the RF America booth and take a look at their Discovery360 camera.  
The Discovery360 has a couple of pretty sweet features.  The first is its ability to capture images at 1280x1024 resolution which provides lots of detail.  That allows the images to look really good on high resolution monitors.
The second feature is that the camera has the ability to function as a wireless mouse.  That means that controlling your computer can be done through the camera which  means more functions than just being able to freeze and save an image.
Here are some of the comments on the camera from the company website:

The Discovery360 is one of the most advanced intraoral cameras in the market today. Years of development have culminated in a camera that is going to take the dental industry by storm.

In designing our new camera we surveyed many dental industry professionals.  Some of the most common responses and requests were "make image capturing simple",  "higher resolution images" and "high capacity, user replaceable battery". With our new Discovery360 we did all that and more, plus, the camera doubles as a mouse for the ultimate convenience.

There are several wireless cameras in the marketplace today but the Discovery360 has one of the highest resolutions at 1280x1024 enabling you to capture amazing HD quality images. The built in mouse feature increases productivity by reducing the back and forth trips to the workstations enabling you to focus 100% on your patients.  It also features a black and white mode for capturing images of x-ray film from a light box, so you can save the image to a patient profile/chart.

The DrsViewer2 software included - We will provide the software and all installation and implementation with the camera purchase if you currently do not have any. The DrsViewer2 allows you to save images in a patients chart with just a few simple clicks. It offers many great features and is compatible with Windows PC’s and servers, iPad’s, iPhone’s and now even Android OS’s!

Integrates with almost ALL software’s - The Discovery360 intraoral camera was developed to work with almost ALL dental software’s. If we do not have the integration built for your current software, we will involve our developers to create one, for FREE!

We welcome you to immerse yourself in the luxury that is the Discovery360 and prepare to be impressed. We pulled out all the stops in developing our most technologically advanced camera ever. Test drive the all new Discovery360 and see for yourself why this is the most impressive intraoral camera on the market today.



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