Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Piper Home Monitoring System

I came across this on Indiegogo and I've got to say this looks pretty slick.
The Piper unit is a remote app controlled home security system.  It can control Z-Wave device controllers, give you a fisheye view of your home and tons of other things as well.
I could list them, but I'll let the info from the website tell you about it...
It’s a small, brilliant piece of technology that is packed with sensors. It works seamlessly with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets and can be paired with smart home accessories to keep you safe and in control.

Security systems, whether they are professionally installed or do-it-yourself systems, are complicated, require lots of equipment, and can be quite expensive. Piper started because we thought a lot about what is wrong with security systems presently. False alarms, long contracts, expensive, complicated, ugly, and most importantly a real lack of visibility into what exactly is happening at home when you’re not there. Also, for people who live in apartments and small spaces there are not a lot of options available.

Combining security, high quality video, and home automation just makes sense. You can’t get real peace of mind without actually seeing what’s happening at home, and the possibilities for making your home more secure and interactive really open up when you add automation to the equation.

Security redefined

The National Crime Prevention Council of America found that apartment dwellers face a 85% higher chance of burglary than other types of housing, and since then numerous insurance brokers have reached similar conclusions. The main reasons for this crime are the lack of exterior control and landlord indifference.

It’s a troubling reality that most people in rental homes can't expect landlords to agree to a security installation and in the rare case the landlords give permission, it is just too expensive to contemplate.

Piper changes this equation and provides millions of people the opportunity of a real solution and for the first time, one that is simple but powerful. And not just apartments, but any type of home or small business can benefit from the simplicity and power of Piper.


Home, away and vacation security modes are created and monitored by simple to use rules. Record video, sound the siren or keep the system in stealth mode so you can quietly monitor the intruder.



Motion and sound detection - Piper will record a video and notify you if motion is detected or a loud sound occurs. It can even tell you when a smoke or fire alarm goes off.

Piper extends the performance of its security system by adding Z-Wave sensors or switches to security rules. Monitor doors and windows and turn lights on if an intruder enters your home.


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