Thursday, August 22, 2013

FABtotum will Allow You to Scan Then Print… or Mill

In dentistry, there is a huge focus on digital impressions and digital lab fabrication or in-office milling.  Because smart companies have been doing R&D in that part of the digital world, dentistry probably has a bit of a lead on some other areas when it comes to the subject of 3D acquisition & fabrication.
However, in the past 6 months or so there have been more than a few stories in the mainstream media about 3D printing.  The field has been evolving & improving rapidly.  It's now to the point that consumers can own their very own 3D  scanners & printers.
This used to only be the realm of corporations that had big budgets and could justify the expense.  The machines allowed companies to create rapid prototypes, but were prohibitively expensive.
Now smaller versions are being made available to the consumer market.  Cool huh?
I've been impressed enough with what I've seen up to this point, but now I'm really amazed.  I happened to be looking at and stumbled across the device shown above called FABtotum.
The FABtotum device is pretty amazing.  It is not only a 3D scanner and printer, but it *also* is a 3D milling device as well.  That's right, you can literally scan an object then print it, then mill it out of something like wood, light aluminum, or brass.
The truly  most amazing part?  You can get one of these for $1,099 if you pre-order.  Imagine what you could do with this thing!

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