Thursday, August 8, 2013

Android Increases Lead in Smartphone Race, Apple Slipping...

The latest numbers are out and Android is still topping the numbers for smartphones.  Topping and increasing in what I consider a significant way.

For years the wireless phone market has been a race between Blackberry, Windows, Apple, and Android.  When Apple released the iPhone, it was such a dramatic change from the options consumers had at the time, that it quickly became "the" phone to have.  However, competition is a good thing and soon other companies were working on software & devices to compete with Apple.

One of those companies was Google who purchased the company that had created the original Android OS.  Google had a pretty smart business plan which was to give the software to handset makers and then make their money on their core business of advertising.

This effectively setup a situation similar to Windows & Apple in the PC days with Microsoft letting lots of hardware companies make Windows PCs while Apple made all hardware themselves.  This lead to Windows dominance in the market.

It looks like the same thing is now happening in the handset market with Android being available from many different manufacturers while Apple keeps its iPhone in-house.  This has lead to consumers having tons of choices for Android and only one choice for iPhone.

Most consumers are not diehard fanboys & will simply buy what works, what is affordable, and what is readily available.  In short, they don't care about the OS, they just want their device to work.  This is now showing up in a big way when you look at the market numbers.

The latest released industry percentages show Apple with 13.2 percent of the market in Q2 2013 which is down from 16.6% in Q2 2012.  That's a drop of 3.4% in the last year, which is significant.  At the same time Android has increased from 69.1% to 79.3%.  So while Apple has a drop, Android has seen a huge gain.

Of course, this is only for phones.  In the tablet world Apple is running circles around all comers including Android.  However, they once also rang rings around everyone in the phone world too.

Interesting to say the least...

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