Monday, August 26, 2013

Acteon Newton P5 XS LED

P5XS LED w Tip.jpg
I've been using the Acteon Newton P5 XS LED for a while now.
This is a valuable and variable unit.  It's a piezo electric unit that has a wide variety of tips for all kinds of uses.
Most people equate a unit like this as something for hygiene.  It does that and does it well, including having its own self-contained irrigation well which can be filled with your irrigant of choice.
However, if you think this is only a hygiene unit, you would be wrong… way wrong.
The device has a 100K lux LED that provides outstanding illumination of the field and makes treatment easier, even though I wear an LED light on my surgical scopes, I still find this LED extra bright and a plus.
As a doctor, I'm using the device for endo (troughing for difficult to find canals and irrigation).  I'm also using it for caries removal & margin finishing.
The smart folks at Acteon have tips that are available for lots of uses like those listed above.  In many instances such as caries removal & margin finishing, the device does a better job in my hands than rotary instrumentation.
This is a durable work-horse type device that I think any office would benefit in owning.  Try one out & I think you'll see why I give it a high recommendation!

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