Thursday, August 8, 2013

200M Casio G-Shock Aviation Solar Atomic Multiband GW3000B-1A

Gshock 5121.jpg
As a diehard geek, I've always been a watch guy.   I suppose it has to do with the fact that watches can be just such amazing gadgets.
While I don't spend my hard-earned money on timepieces with a ridiculously high price tag, I do have a fair number of techie watches in my collection.
The latest addition to this collection, is a G-Shock from Casio. The G-Shock has been around for 30 years now and while originally they were considered a key key timepiece, they have now entered the realm of watches seen on the wrists of normal everyday human beings. This one, is my 5th G-Shock since the series launched 30 years ago.
I've always loved the G-Shock line as they've always been fairly affordable while at the same time being designed to take a severe beating without showing signs of wear and tear. There are also famous for very long battery life because who wants a great watch that has to have the battery changed every year?

I was drawn to the 200M Casio G-Shock Aviation Solar Atomic Multiband GW3000B-1A for a couple of reasons.  The 1st being that the watch receives a time signal from the US atomic clock.  This means you never have to set the watch as it receives a radio signal and then adjusts itself accordingly.  The 2nd is that the face of the watch is a solar panel that allows the battery to recharge any time the watch is in light.

This means that once I configured it for my time zone I never have to set it *and* the battery never goes out.  Add to that the fact that I love the way it looks and it's a great watch for me.

It also has all the functions and versatility of a G-Shock which means it has multiple time zones, Date, Water Resistant 200M, Perpetual Calendar, Alarm, and a Chronograph.  It will definitely hold up to whatever I can throw at it.

If you are looking for a timepiece and you like the looks of this one, as far as what I think of it… It is *highly recommended*.

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