Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Triodent Announces the V4 System

 As of July 1, the products pictured above are officially available.
Behold the next generation sectional matrix system from Triodent, called the V4.
Triodent rocked the dental world when they released the V3 sectional matrix system a while back, and the V4 continues the company's tradition of forward thinking products that make dentists' lives easier.
I had the good fortune of testing the V4 clinically and I can tell you from personal experience the it is a game changer.  The band, the wedge, and the ring all allow for curing the composite through the entire system.  That includes the band which features small holes filled with a resin that allow light to penetrate, but keep the restorative surface smooth.
Note also that the ring has been designed for durability and easy cleaning.
As a baseball fan, I'm declaring the V4 a total home run!
I'll be posting more on the V4 in the next few days...
If you'd like to order, the V4 is available in the US exclusively through Ultradent so call your Ultradent rep or see the Ultradent website for all the details.  This product is highly recommended!!!  

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