Friday, July 5, 2013

Sometimes You Just Gotta Reboot...

Although this doesn't particularly deal with a PC, the lesson still applies.
I came home from my vacation in Moab, Utah to find that my home entertainment system had gone flaky.
We had suffered a pretty nasty storm while I was gone and even though I have my entire  home on a giant surge suppressor, the PC on the home system wouldn't power on and  the  complete entertainment system would only power on but do nothing else when accessed by the remote control.
The PC problem was easily rectified by installing a new power supply. That took about 20 min. and the machine was back online.
The entertainment system, however, was a much different story. I checked the remote control in a couple of different geeky ways and found that it was functioning normally. Yet, I still couldn't get the system to recognize it other than the on and off power buttons.
I spent at least an hour checking connections, tinkering with the remote, and a myriad of other things… All to no avail.
Finally as I was crawling through the rack where all the components are mounted, I noticed something I hadn't seen before. There was a small master power switch that would turn the entire system off and power it down. The remote control power down only shot off the components and left the rack itself still on.
About the time I noticed the master on off button I also noticed that even when the entire system was powered off by the remote control the remote control receiver was still left in the on position. By powering down using the master switch I was able to completely turn everything off including the remote receiver.
After waiting a couple of minutes I powered the system back on to find that the remote receiver simply needed a reboot. Everything was working perfectly.
The moral to the story is before you begin calling experts or trying complicated repair solutions, try shutting the whole thing off and powering it back on. Had I not noticed the small not so obvious master power switch, I'd be looking for expert help right now. Sometimes you just gotta reboot…

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