Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Feedly On Your iPad… *and* in The Cloud

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I thought I'd mention this as it's been something I've been using lately and have been very happy with.
As you know from last Thursday's post (and at least a few other places around the Internet), on July 1st Google shut down their Reader RSS program.  As soon as the announcement was made, diehard nerds like myself began scouring  and searching in an effort to find something to replace it with.
I'm glad I did, as this morning when I went to use a third party program for my iPad called "Reader" I discovered that it must have been setup to simply pull info directly from Google.  How did I know?  Opening the App showed all of my headlines from Monday, but none since...
However, opening Feedly immediately brought about all of the new headlines and feeds that had occurred since.
If I had not prepared for the RSS zombie apocalypse, I would've been left without any way to gather my news and I would've lost access to all of my favorite feeds from some of the smaller and harder to find sites that don't always update on a daily basis.  Because I had taken the time to prepare for the worst (and I am the first to admit… I'm way too Type A) I managed to avoid a "no news worst case scenario".
So… I'm now using Digg and Feedly, however I've got to admit that at this point I am liking Feedly more.  So far it Feedly just seems a bit more user friendly and they have even attempted to adapt some of the viewing experience to hep this of us who had grown accustomed to the look of Google Reader.
One of the other things I've been impressed by is the Feedly Cloud.  Not only are my RSS feeds available to me on my iOS & Android devices, but all of those same feeds are available to me via a simple and clean browser interface directly from Feedly Cloud.  At this point I'm as able to get my feeds now as I ever was with Google.
Add to that the fact that Feedly also allows me to quickly share stuff via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and email (among others) and this is a flat out winner.  If you are looking for a good way to make viewing the remnants of your Google Reader stellar, checkout Feedly.

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