Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dell "Exploring" Wearable Computing Options...

I've written here before about the shrinking market for PCs as smart phones and tablets continue to take more and more of the market.


Now comes word that computer maker Dell is “exploring” the market of wearable computing.


Obviously as PC sales continue to go down, Dell is looking for a way to increase sales and to help offset the decreasing market for PCs.


Google  Glass has made a lot of folks really stop to consider the idea of a device worn on the body that can connect and communicate in real-time.


While Dell has made no statement regarding what kind of hardware they would be looking at, the idea that they are considering a move to wearable devices shows that the company feels that's where the market is headed.


There will obviously be lots of growing pains as these devices hit the market as no one really knows the repercussions of devices such as this. However, I certainly feel that at some point in time this will be a major part of the technology market.

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