Monday, June 24, 2013

Technology and Tranformers… Why Universal is the Best Place to Ride

I can still remember reading in Wired Magazine in 1999 about The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman Ride in Universal Studios in Orlando.  It was a feature article that went into great detail about the ride and how the immersive 3D experience completely tricked the human brain into thinking that it was actually inside the experience.  Back then it was totally state of the art and I was completely blown away at how a virtual Spiderman could jump and land on your vehicle while your vehicle shuddered and tipped with the impact.
There were lots of other effects, of course, but I was just mesmerized by how all the computing power went to coordinate all of the special effects.  The ride actually created an environment that made you think you were there.  For several years, it was considered the greatest ride on the planet.  It was even upgraded when the newest Spiderman movie was released last year, which allowed the ride to evolve as the movie franchise and technology has evolved too.
Now, however, comes the next generation.  As we all know, one of the great things about technology is that it just continues to evolve… sometimes at breakneck speeds.  So now comes word that Universal Orlando is getting ready to launch the next generation of immersive action movie centered rides with, perhaps, an even bigger action based franchise.  I'm talking about Transformers.  
Last week, Universal Orlando took the Immersive theme park ride to a whole new level by incorporating technologies from the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and increasing them to a whole new level by using today's state of the art tech.  
I was at Universal last summer after speaking at the FNDC (Florida Nation al Dental Convention) which is a really great dental meeting held each summer in Orlando.  I've spoken there twice and both times I've come away impressed with the organization of the meeting, the quality of the courses, and the great accommodations.  If you're looking for great CE while being able to incorporate some family time after the meeting in Orlando's parks, this is your destination.
Anyway, I'd been waiting since 1999 to be able to ride the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and now I'm going to have to schedule a return trip to experience Transformers.
Foxnews has a really outstanding article on the new ride/experience (they aren't really "rides" anymore are they?)

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