Monday, June 10, 2013

Really Truly, Why did Google Shut it's Reader Program Down?

I was really bummed when Google announced, earlier this year, that they were killing off one of my favorite programs of theirs... Reader.

I'm an avid Reader user and I absolutely *love* getting my news via RSS.  I can sit by the fireplace in the morning with my iPad on my lap, and quickly get a feel for the news of the day as well as some news that... well...l shouldn't be news at all.

Well it turns out that it isn't the program, and it really isn't the users.  It's sort of the way we users interact with the program.  It appears the world is shifting (again) and those of us who love RSS feeders are going along for the ride.

I found a really great and well thought article over Wired          that really hits this topic on the head and I thought Id share it with you.  Take a read and I think you'll walk away with a better understanding  .

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