Monday, May 20, 2013

YouTube is Turning Eight… and Still Growing

Consider this for a moment… YouTube is now 8 years old.  That's middle age or so in Internet years and yet we *still* go there on a regular basis… don't we?  I mean I know I do and I'm sure I'm not the only one.  Heck, I even have my own YouTube channel for crying out loud.  And I'm just a geek who loves teeth!  The site was born in 2005 and so much has changed since then, but one thing hasn't.  People still love watching videos online.
According to the latest stats, in 2011 users were uploading 48 hours of video per minute.  That seems outrageous.  That's 2 full days of video every minute!  However, it gets better.  In 2012, users upload 72 hours of video every minute.  Now comes the amazing stat that users are uploading 100 hours of video every minute in 2013.  Seems insane doesn't it?
They also have stated that over 1 billion people come to the site every month which is one out of every 2 people on the Internet.
I mean, who is watching all of this stuff?  It's scary how much video is out there.  Many sites have come & gone in 8 years, but YouTube just keeps chugging along.  They also haven't really changed the site that much either.  Which just goes to show that when you have a good idea that works, don't mess with it.
If you are interested in what the folks at YouTube had to say about all of this, here is a link to the blog post.  

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