Friday, May 24, 2013

What Does Storage *Really* Cost?

There was quite a bit of buzz this week when Yahoo owned photo storage service Flickr announced that they were giving their free members 1TB of storage... at no cost.  Wow!

To many people this may not seem like that big a deal.  After all 1 TB drives are really cheap and really plentiful, right?  And nowadays, even your cell phone camera has high resolution so storing those should be easy and no big deal.

However, storage isn't really all that cheap when you consider it, and that's why I'm so impressed with Fllickr offering all of this free space.  I'm a paying customer for the site and I will continue to be so gladly, just because of things like this.

If you want to *really* understand what the costs of this type of storage are and why it's such a *big deal* that's it's free, read this column from ZD Net by  Adrian Kingsley-Hughes.  I think it will give you a new perspective.

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