Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SoproCARE Evaluation Starting

The good people at Acteon make some amazing products.  One of the things they do very well is optical devices.  Their intraoral cameras have always been impressive.
About 5 years ago the company introduced a device called SoproLIFE which was an intraoral camera that also doubled as a visual caries detection device.  It was the only device that not only took amazing intraoral photos, but also allowed the practitioner to keep a visual record of caries.
Now comes the next generation of Acteon's visual detection technology.  The new device is called SoproCARE and adds some pretty impressive features.
This time Acteon has stepped up its game and has created a device that functions as an intraoral camera, visual caries detection, and visual perio detection as well.  This means that one device in the operatory can accomplish multiple tasks and store all the images in the patient's digital chart.

This is accomplished by using white light for intraoral photos and 440-680nm light for caries and periodontal detection.
Human beings are visual creatures and we obtain between 88-92% of our perceptions visually.  That means a device like SoproCARE has the potential to bring tons of information not only to the doctor & team, but to the patient as well.  The image below is an example, provided by Acteon.
SoproCARE compare.jpg
As you can see, showing the periodontal situation utilizing the Perio mode, greatly enhances the visibility of the inflammation.
I've got the device installed in 2 of our hygiene operatories and we'll be putting it through our research paces to see how it performs… not only from a device/imaging standpoint, but also from the standpoint of judging it as a clinically effective teaching tool.
I'll be reporting back in the future as to what we find.  Stay tuned!

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