Monday, May 13, 2013

Nest Thermostat Makes Your Home a Smart Home… and it Keeps Getting Smarter

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I've always been fascinated by geeky stuff and the idea of controlling your home is one of those things that just gets me going.  Add to that the idea of making things greener to help the planet for the future, and it just seems even better.
Now comes a thermostat from a company called Nest that wants to make your home (or your dental office) greener, more energy efficient, and easier on your wallet.
The folks at Nest come from Apple.  They worked on the iPhone and the iPod.  They get simplicity & beauty in design.  Basically you buy the thermostat & install it.  The company states that if you can change a light switch, you can install the Nest thermometer.  However, if you'd rather someone else do it, they can arrange for that too.
Then  you teach the device when to save.  Turn it down when you leave, back up when you come home, back down when you sleep… you get the idea.  As you are doing all t his, Nest is learning your habits.
The device will also allow you to change things via your smartphone if, for instance, you get off early and are home earlier than usual.  You can simply warm up or cool down the house with the smartphone app.
There's more to it, but that's it in a nutshell.  It's a smart device that learns your habits & then creates heating & cooling cycles that are incredibly energy efficient which is good for everyone.  Want more info?
It's all explained very well on the Nest website.  Give it a click here!  

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