Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Keeping Track of My Life with Evernote

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I've discussed Evernote here before (and it was also featured in one of my articles on Dental P rodents Report), but sometimes a product bears more than one mention.  That's partly because I'm constantly picking up new readers here and partly because when I'm passionate about something, I want you to know it.  I know that some of you come here, read about a product or idea, and end up sitting and seeing what develops.  Well I'm here to tell you that if you've been thinking  about Evernote, the time to think has passed and the time to act is now!
We are living in a world of ever increasing storage.  Because of that, many of us just don't delete much anymore.  Whether it's laziness, busyness, or the fact that we just don't really think about it much… the reasons don't matter.  What is amazing is the amount of data we have that continues to sit on hard drives, jump drives, and accessory drives that we just don't even think about.
Now over the years, the good people at Microsoft and Apple have helped.  They've made it much easier to search for things on our computers, but we still have those all too frequent moments where we stress on "where did I put that?"  And now we Cloud Storage, it can get even worse.  I have storage with Amazon, Google, Sugarsync, Drop Box, and probably others I can't remember.  If I couldn't find the stuff I had on the computer, how am I supposed to find it when I have 4 different Cloud storage sites (and others I can't remember).
So… to help simplify this problem, I recommend Evernote.  I'm not dumping everything into Evernote, but it has become the repository of all my important data.  Things that I flat out know I'm going to need.  Whether it's travel info, receipts, or just things that are important & I don't want to lose, they go to Evernote.
Tonight was a perfect example.  I have a church sponsored camp that I work with and the medical forms will soon be due.  I couldn't remember exactly what the procedure was & what everything entailed.  However, I had filed all of this important info in Evernote and dated it with the last year I participated.  All I had to do was do a quick search (Evernote has an amazing fully searchable database) and I found a the folder from my last trip.  In that folder was every email, the blank forms, Word docs with all the necessary items needed, deadlines, you name it.  All safe in The Cloud, safe from hard drive crashes, just waiting for me.
It's a great way to stay organized whether it's recipes, plans for your hexacopter drone (more on that later), or just stuff you don't want to lose.  If you want to feel a bit more organized… check out Evernote.  It is *highly* recommended!!!

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