Friday, May 10, 2013

Eye-Fi Impresses with Speed & Geotagging

It's an interesting world… and it continues to get more interesting every day.  Just a few years ago many of us photo-nerds carried small point & shoot cameras everywhere we went so that we could grab that all important shot when it presented itself.
Nowadays most people are toting a smartphone with a passable camera.  The best part of that is even though the camera isn't nearly as good as a point & shoot, the ability to immediately share the images makes, for most people, the quality acceptable
However, for some of us the blur & overall poor quality of phone cameras means we will always have a "real" camera to reach for when we need it.
Now, what if I told you  that there was a way to get those really awesome photos that you can only get with a real camera and still be able to get them shared electronically, although not quite as easily as with a phone?
Say hello to Eye-Fi.  The device is a true SD size memory card with a built-in WiFi transmitter.  This allows your camera to wirelessly transfer your photos to a computer running Eye-Fi software and also to several photo sharing sites such as Flickr.  The card can be configured to access your personal wireless network as well as public hotspots so photos can be sent while you are out & about.
The card also utilizes WiFi based positioning system (WPS) to enable geotagging of your photos.  The technology basically uses wireless access points in urban areas from different providers to geolocate your photos and embed that info into the photo file.  While shooting in the KC area, I've found this to be a very accurate way of taking the photos.
The Eye-Fi is affordable and is making photography even more fun and less laborious.  Check out the Eye-Fi website for all the models & prices.  

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