Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Device Promises to Recharge Your Cellphone in Twenty Seconds

What a great time to be alive!  All you have to do is look around and  you can see change & progress without even really needing to look for it.


It's also pretty amazing when you can find out info that shows the progress we are making and learn about the minds behind that progress… especially when it's a high schooler. Over the weekend, Intel held their awards for the IntelInternational Science and Engineering Fair.


One of the participants is a high school senior from Saratoga, CA who developed a rather impressive device.  Eesha Khare stated she was "in a  daze" after receiving one of the two Young Scientist Awards at the event.


Her project is a supercapicitor device that stores massive amounts of energy and can deliver it very quickly, giving a cell phone a charge in 20-30 seconds.  The device could definitely change the way we look at and interact with mobile devcies.  Imagine being able to use a device to the point of almost zero battery and then returning it to 100% in half a minute.  Things like this (if they work and can be adapted to lots of different devcies) can be game changers.


I'm truly impressed with the fact that a high school student with limited funds & limited time has managed to create a device like this that might end up chugging aspects of our lives.


Also, remember the term "super capacitor" as you're going to be hearing more about them in the future.  These things are amazing!

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