Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Check Out the "Thriving Dentist Podcast" from Gary Takacs… and Me

You know, it's a great time to be alive.  Technology has changed… and continues to change… the way we live, work, play , and interact with each other.  When you think about it, we used to be able to look back over previous 10 year spans and see how things  had changed for us.  Now similar things happen, only with the time span being 2 or less years and *lots more* changes to think about and ponder.
In the 90's many of us in dentistry subscribed to newsletters put out by different groups.   Some of them were created by large organizations while others were from small groups or even dedicated individuals.  Heck I got my first writing gig working on the "Tools R Us" newsletter published by my friend Bob Davis who was practicing in northern California.  It was state of the art back then.
Now we get our info in tons of different ways.  One of the most successful dental learning tools available today is the "Thriving Dentist Podcast" from my buddy Gary Takacs.  He is a practice management consultant in Arizona and works with dentists all over the US helping them to build better dental practices.  Gary has a list of friends a mile long and he uses those friends to do interviews that he records via Skype to create a terrific learning tool.
I've known Gary a while now and I've found him to be a bright guy with some good  ideas.  We recently had a chance to hang out at the Eco-Dentistry conference a few weeks ago and the time together gave us each a better perspective of the other.
So… today I'll be appearing in about a one hour interview on The Thriving Dentist Show.  We discussed lots of great tech topics for dentists including some of the technologies that I just can't practice without.
You can subscribe via iTunes (just search for Thriving Dentist under Podcasts) or check out Gary's website here.  I had a really great time talking tech with Gary and I think you'll find that you will probably learn a thing or two.  Give it a listen and then please post under the Comments section here on the blog.   I'm truly interested on what you think of the podcast.

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