Friday, April 26, 2013

US Pathfinders Ozone Fundamentals Course— Upland, California May 31-June 1, 2013

To all who have expressed interest in learning about the powerful and wide-ranging uses of ozone in its many forms in dentistry—PLEASE PASS ALONG TO THOSE YOU FEEL WOULD BENEFIT.


May 31-June 1 (Fri/Sat) 18 hr. CE credit.

This will be a primarily practical, not heavily theoretical, course. Teaching and terminology level appropriate to docs and staff.


We will spend time actually practicing putting together and using the ozone systems. This will be a LIVE PATIENT PROGRAM. That means participants will observe and practice a variety of procedures such as desensitization, ozonation of caries, anesthetic reversal, treatment of perio, as well as bleaching and injections into soft tissue.


Includes course and two full generator systems with regulators, tanks and other needed equipment.  Most choose to use one system for patient treatment and one for continuously making ozonated water. These systems are shipped to you prior to the course, and you can be up and running in an hour as soon as you return home.


Partial program and components:

Protocols for restorative, caries, perio, endo, oral surgery, lesions/oral medicine, TMD.

Making and applying full- and sectional-arch ozonation trays.

Ozone-activated accelerated tooth whitening.

Remineralization. Minimally invasive dentistry.

Reversing anesthetics.

Safety, legal and hygiene issues. The role of the FDA.

Heat-free instrument sterilization.

Creating a simple roll-about cart system.

Economics and coding issues. How to speak about this resource to patients.

Two refillable oxygen tanks suitable for roll-about cart or under-counter storage.

Two pediatric regulators that can achieve the requisite 1/32 LPM low flow rate.

Catalytic converters to convert unused ozone back to oxygen.

Capabilities of generating ozonated water and ozonized oils.

Intertank transfer manifold to economically fill your smaller cylinders from a larger oxygen tank.

Safety trap with sound barrier to improve ear insufflation.

Glass water-maker.

Ozone delivery handpieces: luer lock and cup types with fast transfer hose.

Connectors, hosing, filters and diffusers.

Ear insufflation stethoscope system.

Sample syringes and cannulae.

Samples of ozonated oils. (olive, sunflower, jojoba/avocado)

Full Protocols manual. Simplified as well as research protocols.

DVD RAM disc with 3 GIG of study material, research and two books.


Participants should be able to actively use their equipment immediately on return to their offices.


Cost: $5967 includes course and two full generators. Costs are for all hardware and course for one docand one staff member.  Additional staff from the same office will be $653 each. Includes protocols manual, lunches, dinner on Friday night.



Speak with Course Coordinator Lenora Smith 951-809-3099

Email Lenora:

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