Friday, April 5, 2013

Thanks to All Who Made "Dinner with Dimension" a Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the "Dinner with Dimension" event last night.


A big thank you to Goetze Dental for hosting and to Gendex for helping to host and providing some of their sales experts to help make the numbers part of the game more easily understood.


I'd also like to thank Commerce Bank for their help with the event.  Commerce is interested in helping dentists become more successful with bushiness financing from a local bank.  I like the fact that Commerce has fewer layers than national banks & that allows them to get things done with fewer meetings & fewer hassles in the process.  They were gracious enough to host the event on the 15th floor of their building in St. Louis.  The meeting rooms on that floor are outstanding venues for this type of event and they even have their own kitchen that provided *amazing* culinary delights.  Definitely a first class event all the way around!


Of course, the real stars of the show were the doctors who showed up, graciously listened to my lecture, and asked great questions.  I really enjoyed myself and I hope that in some way I  helped all of them understand 3D imaging in dentistry a little bit better.

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