Monday, April 8, 2013

Sonicare Announces FlexCare Platinum

Sonicare Flexcare Platinum.png
On Friday I received a brown wrapped box from Sonicare.  Inside was their latest creation, the FlexCare Platinum.
I've been using it since it arrived and have nothing but good things to say about it.
The brush will be formally announced at the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim later this week, but you read about it here first!!!
Here are some details directly from SoniCare:
  • It is packaged with or without a BH Sanitizer
  • It has 9 different modes for a more customized brushing experience (great for patients with sensitive teeth)
  • The brush has an internal brushing pressure sensor (so there is no need for external parts on the counter) to warn the brusher if they are pushing too hard – it resonates in your hand – very cool!
  • The BH is compatible with other Sonicare handles (EasyClean, HealthyWhite, FlexCare, FlexCare+, DiamondClean and FC Platinum)
  • The new InterCare BH is specifically designed to clean better interproximally – with new clinical claims:
    • Removes up to 6X more plaque between teeth than a manual toothbrush 
    • 90% of (9 out of 10) users preferred FlexCare Platinum to/over their current toothbrush 
    • 83% of users said that the intensity settings allowed for a more comfortable brushing experience 
    • Reaches 35% deeper between teeth than Oral-B FlossAction brush head 

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