Thursday, April 11, 2013

PC Sales Plummet in First Quarter of 2013

PC sales saw their biggest drop in 20 years in the first quarter down 14% as more and more users turn to tablets for most of their computing activities.


With this kind of shakeup in the industry, you can count on seeing some bargain basement prices on desktop & laptop compeers so now might be a good time to replace any old machines or and any new ones you've been thinking about buying.  Whenever a drop of this magnitude hits, it will be a buyers market.


The discounts coming will actually be a good thing for dental offices as their are not many options for managing dentistry that don't involve the use of a computer.  There are companies taking advantage of some of the functions of iPad & Android tablets, but not enough to run an office.  With that in mind, the PC price drop should help dentists with their IT budgets.


For sure we live in interesting times.  It will be interesting to see where the changing of the "device guard" takes us...

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  1. In my wildest dreams I have converted to Apple in my office. No bugs...