Monday, April 15, 2013

Is Twitter Launching a Music Service?

Twitter Music screen shot.jpg
While rummaging around on the 'net I came across something rather interesting.
I've heard rumors for a little while now that Twitter might be considering launching some type of music service.  The rumors especially began to heat up when the company bought a startup considered a type of "discovery" service for music and was named We Are Hunted.
If you go to this page, you'll see the graphic pictured above.  That's not a Photoshop or anything of the like, it's a screenshot.  So… something is definitely afoot.  Judging by the #music hashtag, I've got to think that this will have something to do with alerting you to music that might interest you.
Now whether that's simply knowing what your friends are listening to or possibly letting you setup a list of genres like "reggae" that the service could then scan for and then inform you of artists or songs trending… that's anyone's guess.
The cool part of this for me is simply "the power of the hive" that could bring things to you that you were unaware of before.
I could also see this type of thing expanding to other things like news stories, etc.
How long before launch?  Sorry to say I don't have a clue.  However, I can guarantee you I'll be checking that link often.

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