Sunday, April 21, 2013

Having Trouble Falling Asleep? Try Keeping Your Feet Warm with a Thick Pair of Socks

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Like most people, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep.  Sometimes I know the reason, but many timesI feel pretty stress free and yet I still  have trouble nodding off!  This can be both frustrating and stress inducing in its own right as you struggle to fall asleep & become worked up because you can't fall asleep.  You the vicious circle I'm talking about...
Anyway, I was reading Lifehacker recently (it's one of my very favorite blogs) and I came across this post on how to help yourself fall asleep.  
It seems that some research done in Switzerland has shown that when your feet and hands are warm, you tend to fall asleep more easily.  Who knew?
So, the idea goes that if you are having one of those  nights where you just can't get to sleep, try putting on some warm socks and that may be just enough to put you over the edge into the realm of Mr. Sandman.
Now, i must also add that this doesn't mean you should use some type of heater or anything like that.  Socks will suffice just fine.  Anything that *generates* heat could cause thermal damage if you go to sleep while the heat is being generated.  Get that?  You could burn yourself which is a bad thing.  Just use warm socks.
As someone who doesn't always find it easy to get to sleep, I'm going to actually start keeping one of my thick pairs of hiking socks in my nightstand.

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