Sunday, April 7, 2013

Connected Data Transporter Beta Test is Finished! The Verdict? Get One!

Transporter Hero - Partial Reflection.jpg
I've been testing the Transporter from Connected Data since December 2012, but non-disclosure agreements kept me from mentioning it here… or anywhere else.
The device is beautiful in its simplicity.  The device holds a hard drive in the enclosure shown above.  It connects to your network via a Gigabit Ethernet port.  The device functions as a personal Cloud storage device that you can access anywhere as long as you and the device both have an Internet connection.
All you need to do is download software to your computer (Windows & Mac are both available) and after installing the software a Connected Data folder shows up on your desktop.  Simply drag files or folders to the Connected Data folder and they are transferred to the device.  Simple!  There is no Cloud involved as all of the data is stored on the device which is on your network.
You can even share files or folders with friends or coworkers.  If you need more storage, simply unscrew the top, remove the hard drive, and put in a new one.
Also, multiple Transporters can be setup to sync with each other providing a personal Cloud that is synced automatically for you!
The devices currently come in 3 configurations:
  1. No hard drive installed $199
  2. 1 Terabyte Drive $299
  3. 2 Terabyte Drive $399

Get all the info & order yours at the company website.  


This device has been tested for the last several months and is highly recommended.  Get one today!

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