Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Amazon Upgrades Cloud Drive & Desktop App

Amazon Cloud Drive.jpg
As a geek, I've decided to  pretty much live in The Cloud.  As I've stated previously, I'm storing lots of my data there now.  Nothing secure, mind you.  That stays with me and is encrypted, but lots of other non-confidential information is on Amazon & Google.
I was thrilled today when Amazon upgraded their Cloud Drive & I think you should be too if you are using the service.
Amazon Cloud Drive  now features File Syncing.  When you install the new version of the software on your computer (PC or Mac), it creates a folder called "Cloud Drive".  Simply dragging a file into the folder means the file was be synced to any other computer using the software.  Make changes on a Word doc that is in your Cloud Drive folder and those changes are automatically made to the file in all you other Cloud Drive folders as long as that device has an Internet connection.
Of course, all the benefits of Cloud storage still apply.  By that I mean, no need to backup, always available as long as you have an Internet connection, etc.  I find more and more of my non-essential existence is going to The Cloud and I really think you should at least explore this option.

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