Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Dinner with Dimension

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If you happen to be in the St. Louis area and are interested in learning about 3D Cone Beam imaging, make plans to join Goetze Dental, Gendex, and myself for an evening event where we'll be discussing this amazing technology.  We're calling it "A Dinner with Dimension" and the whole concept is to bring understanding of 3D to doctors.
The world of cone beam is chock full of all kinds of unfamiliar terms as well as the potential for misconceptions of the technology & devices that deliver it.
I'll be discussing the important terms & concepts that doctors need to be familiar with in order to make informed decisions about the proper clinical parameters.  When you leave the event you should have an increased degree of comfort in what to expect from 3D as well as what the technology can provide from a decision making standpoint.  Even if you aren't looking at putting cone beam in your office right now, this information will be valuable as your order scans from third parties or when you decide to integrate it into your practice.
In addition to myself, my buddy Bryan Creason from Goetze Dental will be there as well.  Bryan is Goetze's 3D Specialist and has a wealth of knowledge about individual models, manufacturers (including benefits & drawbacks), and available software products.  
Bryan is a die-hard technology lover as well as a Microsoft Certified Engineer so he not only comprehends 3D, but he also knows computers, networking, and all other aspects of dental technology.
There will also be folks from Gendex there as well to answer any and all questions about Gendex 3D products, but they will also be happy to answer & inform about any imaging product they have in their arsenal!
This is going to be a really great event done in a very low key, low pressure environment.  Bryan and I aren't heading back to Kansas City until Friday morning so we will be happy to spend as much time as needed to make sure you leave with a good understanding of 3D in broad terms and Gendex in particular.
Come & hang out,  have a great meal, and pick up 1 CE credit as a bonus.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

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