Saturday, March 9, 2013

Why Officite is My Website Provider & Why Their Customer Service Means You Should Consider Them Too

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A website presence is now an absolute *must* for any dental practice that is operating with a desire to show patients & prospective patients that they are operating as a progressive provider of dental services. An office *without* a website comes across as antiquated and perhaps not concerned with being up to date. Now, of course, that may not be the case, but as I am fond of saying, "Image may be everything, but perception is reality."
Because of that, a webpage is a necessity for today's dental practice… at least one that wants new patients.
Now back in the day, websites weren't that big a deal. I remember when it was *extremely cutting edge* to have a business card that had an email address on it. When that happened I immediately tossed all my existing business cards and had them reprinted with my email addy.
After that, the next cutting edge thing was a *web page*. This was in the early to mid-90's and web pages were so cutting edge that I didn't even know people that could design them. However, my passion has always been to be on the leading edge and, to that end, it meant I needed a web page. To do that meant research, so I went off to my local Barnes & Noble (I shouldn't even have to tell you it was brick & mortar as online retailing didn't even exist then). I left B&N with a stack of books on HTML programming and set about trying to figure this whole web page thing out.
The good news is that eventually (over the span of a couple of months) I learned how to code in HTML. This allowed me to create my own web page, which was primitive, but back then, they all were.
Fast forward to today. I haven't written any *serious* HTML code in years. The explosion of the world wide web in the late 90's brought forth an entire industry of web page design and soon it was being taught at the college level. This explosion of programming quickly made my efforts obsolete.
So now to the big focus of this post. Because having a great web page is important to any business and because the sophistication of web design now requires professionals, even a big geek like me has a company doing all of that.
In dentistry we have a tendency to think about companies that do these services as sort of "widgets". They are all pretty much the same and their services are interchangeable. However, this is anything but the truth. This is the same thing that patients often think. In the minds of some patients, all dentists and dental services are interchangeable & the only difference is the price. Dental professionals know that is anything but the truth, however, despite our best efforts at education, this misconception continues to exist to some extent.
My personal belief is that in order to do away with this misconception from patients, it helps for us to remove these misconceptions from ourselves.
When I decided to upgrade my site from a "home brew" situation into one done by professionals, I looked at a lot of companies. There are a lot of them out there and it pays to interview some to get a good overall view of pricing as well as company philosophy, dedication to service, etc.
I settled on Officite as my company of choice and today's post is going to highlight one instance of why I made that choice.
In addition to handling my website, my email, and other aspects of my web presence, they also help out with the web presence of this blog.
When i first created the blog, the Blogger website created an Internet name for it. The web address that it assigned to me was "". Personally I thought that address was a bit long to be typing into the address bar. It just seemed that if someone wanted to visit the blog for the first time, a long address like that would be prone to errors and readers might not find it at all. Of course if you guys can't find me, then I don't have an audience and that defeats the whole point of this endeavor. Once here, I know a reader will bookmark or subscribe, but it's the getting here the first time that is important.
To make the process easier, I thought a shorter and catchier address was in order. I settled on "" to keep my denticle domain involved. The problem with doing this is that the original much longer name is the "official" address and cannot be changed. There is an Internet process called a "redirect" that basically allows me to create the "" address and when someone types it in, their browser is sent to the longer address. That's why sometimes you enter a web address and end up on a site with a different address.
While simple in concept, the process of a redirect requires some under the hood programming in the language of the Internet to make it happen.
Recently I noticed that my redirect stopped functioning. Typing in "" brought up an error and the page didn't load. I began to explore things on my end, but could not determine a cause.
I contacted Officite support and had them look into it. I made a couple of suggestions, which they explored, but nothing I suggested solved the problem. However, rather than simply throwing up their hands, giving up, and making it *my* problem, the team began doing research on the situation and hit on a possible fix.
Yesterday I had a call with a great customer support person who not only understood what I wanted, but also had done research on the fix. We spoke for about 10 minutes and she told me that she would make some changes and, either way good or bad, she would email me to let me know how it went. About 15 minutes later I got an email announcing success. Curious? Click on the following: and see what happens.
Trust me I say that fixing this problem is not something every website design company is capable of doing. It's also not something a lot of companies out there are interested in doing. However, Officite understands the partnership that exists between my office and their company. They understand that my success translates directly to their success and they are happy to help me on my success journey.
If you are looking for a website company to design a site for you or if you are unhappy with your present company and looking for a change, I strongly suggest you contact Officite.
Their company and services are highly recommended.


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