Monday, March 18, 2013

Tivo Mini *Helps* Solve the 2nd DVR Problem… but Doesn't Solve It

Tivo Mini.jpg
The idea of DVRs is great.  However, the problem becomes when you want to watch a show on another TV not connected to the DVR.  Traditionally that's meant either Direct TV's Genie or adding a second DVR on the TV you want to watch.
To help solve that problem, Tivo has created the Tivo Mini.  The little box will connect to one of the tuners in the new Tivo Premiere 4 and allows you to watch programs stored on the Premiere 4 box.  So… it's cheaper than a whole DVR and also shouldn't require a subscription right?  Well, not exactly.  It still requires a $6/month subscription, but that *is* less than the $13 you'll pay for a full Tivo.
Also, the little device requires a wired connection to your network so there is no hope for Wifi here.
The Tivo Mini went on sale on March 17th for just $100.

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