Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Planmeca partners with 3D Diagnostix

Things are happening in the world of 3D.  A c couple of years ago, Invivo became an exclusive product to iCat & Gendex.  Now comes word that Planmeca has an agreement with 3D Dignostix.  Here is the press release & you can find all the info here on cone  


Planmeca ProMax 3D users can now place an order for 3D Diagnostix radiology reports and computer-guided surgery solutions directly from the Planmeca Romexis software, according to the company.
Planmeca's 3D unit users can send their images for radiological interpretation or their Planmeca Romexis implant plans to order surgical guides with just a few clicks.

Images sent from Planmeca Romexis for radiological interpretation are read by a 3D Diagnostix board-certified radiologist for diagnostic objectives such as pathology findings, implant planning, existing implant evaluation, sinus evaluation, and temporomandibular joint evaluation.
Customers can choose any or all of these objectives in a single, comprehensive report and for a flat fee. All reports are detailed and include relevant images with measurements and annotations.

For surgical guide order, the Planmeca ProMax 3D users create an implant plan using the advanced implant planning tools and extensive implant library of Planmeca Romexis. The implant plan and cone-beam CT data are sent to 3D Diagnostix as a surgical guide order where an on-staff dentist will verify and optimize the plan for surgical guide fabrication.
The customer is then contacted for an online case review where they can fine-tune and approve the plan. This means that customers are in control of their case along the way. In cases in which the patient has five or more teeth remaining, customers send a plaster cast of the patient to 3D Diagnostix to be used for guide design and fabrication.
Alternatively, a digital Planmeca ProMax 3D scan of an impression can be included in the order to speed up guide fabrication. After the guide passes quality control, the customer receives it ready for use in surgery.
Customers can also order both a radiology report and surgical guide simultaneously for the optimal surgical experience.


  1. How does a dentist get a hold of all of this equipment? I've been searching around Calgary, but I haven't been able to find anything like this.

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