Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Microsoft to Push Windows 7 SP1 Out as a Mandatory Upgrade

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For those of you out there with Windows 7 installed, be warned.  The first service pack (SP1) will become an required upgrade as of today, March 19th, 2013.


It's been available for a bit and many have upgraded, but there are always a few users who prefer to wait… just in case.  I can certainly understand that.  Major OS upgrades are notorious for causing problems, although probably not as many as in years past.


However, from the manufacturers standpoint, supporting multiple versions, especially with known issues that can be fixed via a service pack upgrade, it makes sense to get all the users on the same page.


So, as of today, SP1 will be part of Windows Update and will roll in whether you want it to or not.


I've already updated one of my machines and have had no problems.  Just thought you'd want to know...

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