Saturday, March 16, 2013

Google Now *May* Be Coming to iOS & Windows 8

As a user of both iOS and Android, I get to see the best of both worlds… and believe me when I say that there are tremendous advantages to both operating systems.
When you have 2 huge companies both vying for your interest; well, competition is a good thing.
One of those good things that is currently only available with Android is Google Now.  It's a cool program that basically learns from you and provides info that is important to you and you don't even have to ask for it.
The idea is for things like your work commute, Google Now will provide you with a map for it and let you know the commute time and any traffic problems on that route without you even having to search for it.  The app also delivers weather, appointments from your Google calendar, sports scores, etc.  Pretty sweet right?
Now I'm hearing rumblings that this may be coming as an app from Google to will run on iOS & Windows 8.  No confirmation yet from the gang at Mountain View, but rumors persist...

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