Friday, March 22, 2013

Cloudy with a Chance of Organization

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It seems that no matter how hard I try, things in my life just continue to get busier… and crazier.  Between my dental practice, my personal life, my lecturing, my writing, my work at Dental Products Report… well you get the idea.  It just seems that trying to stay organized is almost a full time job in and of itself.  That's a bummer  because I already have about 2.5 full time jobs as it is.  So when you factor in trying to stay on top of everything you get the idea that it isn't' as easy for me as I'd like.
That's one of the reasons that i'm so crazy about The Cloud.  By keeping the busiest parts of my life there, I'm working on a "write once, read anywhere" life.
To that end, it's not the only way I'm doing this, but Google has been a huge help with Google Drive and their other Cloud based services.
I'm finding that I'm using Gmail more and more even though I own my own domain and have an email account associated with it that I've been using for almost as long as I've had email.  Simply sending things to Gmail or moving discussions that need to be dealt with quickly to Gmail allows me to almost effortlessly deal with email for a variety of my devices with very little setup required.
Tasks: Google Tasks as part of Gmail allows me to keep a variety of To Do lists that are easily accessed either directly from Gmail via a browser or through apps in Android & iOS.  I simply put an item on a list, save it, and every device then has that item.  Quick, easy, efficient.
Google Docs: This was the predecessor to Google Drive.  I used to do all of my writing on my Mac.  I kept all of my articles in a folder for the year they were written and then backed that folder up to multiple drives.  Utilizing Google Docs as part of my Google Drive I'm now doing all of my writing in The Cloud.  The storage idea is basically the same, which is create an article folder for the year.  Then I simply write using Google Docs.  This means the article is available from any device with a Net connection.  Last week I wrote my April issue DPR article from my Mac (on my desk) and from the front seat of my Tahoe on my iPad while waiting on my wife to finish some shopping.
I've found this type of Cloud computing is making things just a little less crazy and allowing me to create from anywhere.  I'm better organized *and* not backing up.
As a final piece, I'm no longer backing up my music files either.  I currently have about 70GB of music and it is backed up on my Amazon Cloud Drive as well as in my Google Play account.  I'm pretty confident that the possibility of *both* of those companies suffering a catastrophic crash is pretty slim.  Just one less thing I have to do...

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