Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Carestream Health is Now for Sale

Carestream logo.jpg
The only constant is change… and this is just one more way to prove it.  
In 2007, Kodak decided to leave the medical & dental imaging business.  At that time, they sold the medical & dental part of their business to a Canadian firm called Onex.  Part of the agreement was that Onex got the right to use the Kodak name and logo for a few years, but as that agreement neared its end, the company began to migrate their logo & name to Carestream.
Carestream continued to sell all types of digital imaging systems in dentistry as well as operating the dental Practice Operating System Practice Works and other software brands that Kodak had purchased over the years.
Now comes word that Onex has decided to sell Carestream.
This is obviously a rather "interesting" time to be a user of Carestream products and software.  The pending sale may mean nothing and "business as usual" may be the rule.  However, there may be some changes afoot (that is pure speculation on my part).

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