Monday, March 4, 2013

Beam Brush Testing is About to Begin

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Now that my crazy travel schedule is over and my life is back to normal (whatever *normal* means in my life) I'm going to be starting a cycle of product testing.
Sometimes, unfortunately my testing needs to stay confidential as those types of tests are ones that companies are using to gain pre-market data.  However, some of my testing is on devices already on the market.  This means that the testing can be openly discussed and you, dear readers, can know about the process the moment I start it.
Along those lines, I'm going to be starting an interesting test this week. 
The Beam Brush is a pretty cool idea the was created by some outside the box thinking folks.  The concept is basically, for both kids & adults, learning the best way to brush your teeth.  For years, the only way to really know if you are brushing  "properly" was to use a powered toothbrush that kept track of how long you brushed as well as provided the proper bristle action.
The Beam Brush is attempting to provide data on your brushing habits from a toothbrush that is equipped with BlueTooth & an app on your tablet or SmartPhone.
Here is the concept:
  1. Install the free Beam App and connect your brush with a user profile before its first use.
  2. Brush your teeth as normal.  No need to have your smartphone with  you.  When you begin to brush , the light in the neck of the Beam Brush will begin to glow.  This light will turn off automatically after 2 minutes of brushing or shortly after you stop.  Need some extra motivation?  Use the timer built into the free Beam Brush App and listen to your favorite songs while you brush.
  3. At your convenience, sync your Beam Brush with your smartphone.  The Beam Brush can store up to 49 brushings (or about 3.5 weeks of brushing data if you brush twice a day).
  4. Review your data and visualize your progress.
  5. Create goals to form new habits and earn great rewards from Kiip for your progress.

So starting today, I'll be using the Beam Brush and tracking what it does & how it does it.  I'll be keeping your informed via my Twitter feed (@jflucke) as well as the occasional update here on the blog.


Questions?  Let me hear them in the comments section & I'll try and respond as fast as I can...

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