Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OUYA Will be Available in June… at the Latest

A while back, I had a post about a new and intriguing gaming console called OUYA.  That post mentioned that the device was shipping, but only to developers to help them learn about the system in order to develop apps for it.
Well now the gang at OUYA have announced when the rest of us can get our hands on one.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the device will be available for general public purchase in June.  However, the device originally debuted as an idea on Kickstarter.com and raised over 8.5 million dollars so if you were one of the folks who chipped in, you will get your device in March while website preorders should ship in April.
In addition to the device now being available for pre-order from the OUYA website, you will also be able to purchase it directly from several retailers Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and also from Amazon.  The price should be $99 for the console and $50 for an extra controller (the device will ship with 1).  However, I also hear that if you prefer, you will also be able to use USB keyboards or USB game controllers.  Probably the one advantage to the OUYA controller is that it has a touchscreen between the buttons (the black area in the photo) which may come in pretty handy for some games.
For those of you unfamiliar with it, OUYA is an gaming system that runs Google's Android operating system (OS).  The project is open source and the idea is that anyone  can develop apps for the platform.  It will plug into a TV and connect wirelessly to the Internet.
I don't have a listing of games yet, but I have heard that iHeartradio is on board with an app that will access their  online music system which I like and use a lot.  I also don't have any word on the cost of the games, but I would *think* that with no need for packaging or discs, they *should* be less than games for the other major players in the market.  The company says that there are currently 200 titles set to debut as I type this.  Theoretically there could be many more by launch.
For the price, you are not going to get the amazing graphics rendering that you would expect from an Xbox, Wii U, or Playstation, but I've got to think that the games will be fun and playable.  
I also think that, for the price, this will be popular in dental offices for patient entertainment.  I know it will be available in at least one...


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